Regular building inspections are a crucial part of maintaining safe and comfortable residential and commercial properties in Houston. As a trusted local inspection company with over 25 years of experience, we offer comprehensive evaluations for all real estate types. Our detailed reports identify issues early so you can maintain your property investments and keep tenants comfortable.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, planning upgrades to an office building, or routinely monitoring your apartments, our licensed inspectors have an examination package tailored for you. We’ve performed thousands of thorough checks on properties across Houston to provide owners, investors, and managers reliable information and helpful maintenance advice.

Professional Houston Home Inspection Services You Can Trust

Purchasing a home is a major investment, which is why a pre-listing or pre-purchase inspection gives buyers and sellers essential information during this process. Our licensed Houston home inspectors provide an unbiased assessment to check that all systems, structures, and components meet local building codes and safety standards.

Common elements examined in our 200+ point home examinations include:

With the inspection report in hand, you can then make an informed decision about any repairs needed and negotiate the sale or listing price accordingly.

Houston Home Inspection Services

Residential and Commercial Building Maintenance Inspection Services in Houston, TX

Alongside pre-sale/purchase home checks, we provide scheduled maintenance inspections for apartment buildings, offices, stores, hotels and other commercial real estate across Houston.

Our professional engineering team conducts these routine multi-point evaluations to accurately identify minor maintenance needs before they escalate into major issues. They also reduce liability risks and keep tenants happy, safe, and comfortable. Our commercial building assessments examine aspects like HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical, fire safety, compliance, and more, including the inspection of knob and tube wiring for older structures.

For newly constructed buildings, we offer thorough certificate of occupancy inspections prior to opening for operation. We also conduct safety checks of renovated commercial properties before re-occupying.

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Why Schedule a Home Inspection with Houston Building Repair Inspectors

With so many inspectors to choose from in the city of Houston, why should you trust us with this important evaluation? Here are a few key reasons we stand out:

  1. 25+ years of experience in successfully inspecting all home types
  2. 200+ point checks go well beyond a basic walkthrough
  3. Clear reports with photos documenting issues
  4. 48 hour turnaround on detailed inspection reports
  5. Fair, competitive pricing for all services

We also offer premium services like thermal imaging, pool inspections, and more. Our Houston home and building inspectors have the experience, tools and reporting you need whether you’re buying, selling or routinely maintaining your residential or commercial real estate.

Comprehensive Residential and Commercial Building Assessments

At Houston Building Repair Company, our licensed inspectors thoroughly examine all aspects of residential and commercial properties to provide owners, buyers, sellers, investors and property managers the information they need.

For homes, our checks focus on:

  • Structural integrity: foundations, framing, roofing, exterior walls and facades, windows and doors, porches, decks, garages
  • Systems: electrical, air conditioning systems, plumbing and appliances
  • Interiors: ceilings, walls, floors, fireplaces, staircases
  • Sitework: grading, drainage, landscaping, pools/hot tubs

Our commercial inspections evaluate:

  • Structural soundness: roofing, facades, load-bearing elements
  • Fire protection: alarms, sprinklers, emergency lighting
  • Safety: entry/exit routes, stairs, flooring, signage
  • Mechanical: HVAC, plumbing, conveyances
  • Electrical: service panels, lighting fixtures
  • Compliance: ADA, capacity limits, licensing.

We thoroughly inspect these and hundreds of other aspects relevant to each property type to keep Houston buildings functional, compliant, and safe for all occupants.

Building Maintenance Inspection Services in Houston

Houston's Premier Residential and Commercial Property Inspection Company

With thousands of building examinations completed across Greater Houston, we at HBR have earned a reputation for providing accurate, unbiased assessments upheld by stringent quality assurance measures. Home buyers and sellers rely on our inspections to inform important property decisions and negotiations.

We’re also the top choice for periodically inspecting apartment complexes, offices, retail stores, and other income properties to spot maintenance requirements before they become urgent issues.

Contact Houston Building Repair today to schedule highly trusted inspection services for your next residential or commercial property need!


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